The Top 8 Anime Fantasy Swords

The Top 8 Anime Fantasy Swords
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Anime fantasy swords are often considerably more spectacular than your everyday swords. Here are some examples of some of the top swords you can find in anime.


This is a sword from the anime “Inuyasha.” Which is about a dog demon from feudal japan who turns to the side of good. The sword translates as “sword of destruction.” It looked like a normal-sized sword when it was on Inuyasha’s belt, but it became huge when he drew it. This is because it was made out of a fang from Inyasha’s father, who was a huge wolf demon.

Dark Repulsor

This sword is from the anime “Sword Art Online” and it’s one of two swords that the main character, Kirito, wields at the same time. The anime is about a virtual reality game.


Kenshin uses this sword in the “Rurouni Kenshin” anime series. It’s a reverse bladed sword. The sharp part of the sword is on the inside instead of the outside. This is because the main character was a soldier in a major war and feels that he has to atone by protecting the weak, all while making sure to never kill anyone else ever again.


This sword is from the anime “Bleach.” It translates as “soul cutting sword.” The sword has no handle, and it looks like a huge razor blade. Instead of a full handle, the sword is wrapped with bandages at that point.


The sword is also called “double-edged Tsurugi,” and it’s from the anime “Samurai Champloo.” The character who uses it is named Mugen. The sword has two metal prongs around the hilt. It’s a hybrid between a Japanese katana and a sai, which is a pronged knife famous from the animated series “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

Wade Ichimonji

This “One Piece” sword is a straight Japanese blade. It’s the one that the character Zoro Roronoa keeps in his mouth while fighting. This way he can use more than just two swords at once.


Samehada means “Shark Skin” in Japanese. The sword is used by multiple people from the anime called “Naruto.” The sword is from a set of swords used by a group called the Seven Swordsmen. Samehada is able to eat life energy. The whole weapon is covered in shark scales and it slices and shaves more than cutting normally.


Another sword from the seven swordsmen in “Naruto,” this sword is called “Executioner’s Blade.” It’s a giant sword that looks a bit like a butcher’s knife. There’s a big hole in the middle that’s sharpened on the inside. This hole can be used to decapitate people which is where it gets is name.