Top 5 Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Top 5 Benefits of Medical Marijuana
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While marijuana has been something that has had people at odds for decades, the medical marijuana discussion is relatively new. There are few people who could argue that there aren’t at least some benefits of using the drug these days. There are five benefits that stand out from the crowd the most and is the reason why the push for medical marijuana legalization continues to pick up steam.

Cut down on the use of narcotics
The first item on our list is one most people don’t think about. Medical marijuana really is a painkiller. while there are some arguments as to whether it can be habit forming, it is not addictive in the same way narcotics are. By turning to medical marijuana, we can have fewer drug addicts in this country.

It can treat glaucoma
Medical marijuana helps to treat glaucoma by reducing pressure on the nerves of the eye. That pressure is what causes the damage of the disease. By taking the medical marijuana, it is one of the best treatments for glaucoma around. This is one of the most popular and one of the original reasons that medical marijuana got a head of steam after all. There is very little doubt this is one of the biggest benefits as medical professionals have had a hard time matching the effects and the ease of use that comes along with medical marijuana for glaucoma.

It can stop epileptic seizures
There have been more than a few studies that show that medical marijuana and the cannabinoids that the marijuana contains can great reduce the number of epileptic seizures people have. This is done because the drug actually relaxes the part of the brain that normally cause these seizures. The relaxation people feel is not imagined, it is a real medical reaction to taking the drug and it is having more and more medical uses all the time.

Can stop the spread of cancer
Cannabidiol is an extract from medical marijuana that can help to stop the spread of certain cancers by turning off the gene known as ID-1. Copying this gene is what helps cancer spread throughout the body. By turning it off there isn’t anything to copy and the spread is slowed down or halted altogether.

Can reduce anxiety
The physical relaxation people feel when they take marijuana is something that is so deeply ingrained it can really pop up and help people fight their anxiety issues. This is one of the longest lasting uses of medical marijuana it is still one of the more effective uses of the drug around and the one most people turn to if they are allowed.