Why A Moving Company is Better Than Getting A Pod

Why A Moving Company is Better Than Getting A Pod
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Moving is never easy. If you’re looking to move everything out of a house, you’re probably going to need to decide whether you prefer to use a traditional moving service or one of the many pod services that are now available. While the latter definitely has benefits, it’s important to be aware of how a moving service tends to be a better choice.

The Cost

If you’re looking to keep costs under control when you are moving, you might be surprised to find that a moving company can be a great deal less expensive than getting a pod. While pods can be fantastic for storage, an in-town move with just a truck is probably going to end up costing you much less. Moving companies are simply better choices for most who are trying to watch their budgets.

More Help Moving

It’s also a good idea to consider working with a moving company because a moving company, unlike the companies that provide pods, can actually help you to move your stuff. There are few things that most will go through in daily life that are more labor-intensive than a move and it’s not uncommon to find that your friends are unable or unwilling to help. If you are dealing with a time crunch or you are physically unable to move some of the things in your house on your own, you’ll definitely want to work with movers to get this big job done.

Fewer Security Concerns

The great thing about having a pod is that you can leave it in place for quite some time. The downside, though, is that your pod can be a huge target for those around you. Even if you lock it, a determined person with a pair of bolt cutters can get into your pod in just a few minutes. If you work with a moving company, though, you’ll get all of your items on your truck and on the move within a single day.

Space Considerations

If you live in an apartment or you have no driveway, a pod just won’t work for you. Pods take up a fair amount of room – usually most of a standard driveway. If you’re looking to keep it in place for quite some time, you’ll have to deal with alternate parking arrangements. A moving truck, on the other hand, only takes up space until the truck is loaded. Once it’s done, you’ll get your driveway or parking space back.

Pods can work well for some, but a moving service is a better fit for most. Moving services tend to be more helpful, speedier, and a bit more secure than their counterparts. If you know that you’re going to be moving soon, take a look at the numbers – you’ll probably be surprised by how much time and money you can save with a moving company’s help.